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Where’s the Birds Made Out of Hands?

GLORIA: Katie showed me her Thanksgiving project and there’s stuff on it about the kind of soil you need to grow corn and which way Haddock swims off Cape Cod and I’m thinking: where’s the birds made out of hands like you used to bring home from school—
FRAN: It’s a different kind of school, Ma.

Thanksgiving arts & crafts…

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Thanksgiving dioramas…

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A Thanksgiving Tree of Gratitude

FRAN: Maybe we even all, we each all even write down what this day means, what we’re really Thankful for—
GLORIA: I’m not writing anything my spelling’s no good.
FRAN: We each write what we’re thankful for and after dinner we say it, we read it all out loud like we write it on paper leaves—
ANTHONY: Paper leaves?
GLORIA: Your Katie’s smart, she’d know if I messed up a word.


A how-to on a kid friendly Thanksgiving Hand Tree, via kinderart.com.

And a more Chestnut Hill style version, via katiedayphoto.com.

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