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I’ll Ask to Be the Pilgrim Next Year

FRAN: I’ll ask to be a Pilgrim next year so I can wear that dress: the Pilgrim dress.
NICOLE: I don’t wanna wear a friggin dress. How many times are we gonna do this same stupid thing over and over:  the pilgrims come, the Indians put fish in the ground to grow the corn, the Pilgrims are happy—
FRAN: Thankful.
NICOLE: Who cares? If I have to be in this same play over and over every year til I die wearing a dress made out of black construction paper please kill me now before Thanksgiving comes again.

Yup, a standard-issue Thanksgiving Pageant…

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You Got a Bum One

(FRAN thwacks a strawberry shortcake doll on the ground, hands it to NICOLE)

[…] FRAN:
It should smell like cake.

Strawberry cake.
[…] You got a bum one your mom should take it back. 
[…] We have all the dolls.  They came in real boxes and their hair smells the right way.

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