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I Am Marrying a Person With a Security…

FRAN: This is insane Anthony.  I am getting married.  There is a ring on my finger which is, which is, I pictured myself with plants and three PhDs.
ANTHONY: Cat ladeee.
FRAN: No, no this is horrible, these are diamonds. Think of the little hands that mined these little stones, Anthony, probably some tiny little black kids hands and I am wearing this shit on my own hand I’m a horrible person, Anthony.  What is wrong with me?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME: I’m like a colonial power: I am a colonial power of evil of death and destruction he should put this back in his Grandmother’s security box I am marrying a person with a security I am England and France and Portugal I shouldn’t wear a wedding dress I should wear my own disease infested blankets so I die the horrible death I—

Fran marries into Damon’s upper crust African American Boston family at 23, with no father to walk her down the aisle, and a mother like Gloria.  Picture Gloria. A gypsy. At the fanciest of fancy Boston Brahmin locations: the Taj Hotel.

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A Motel Outta Town

1995  – Thanksgiving Eve    
Lights up on GLORIA and DAVE, they are thirty-nine, and in a motel room.
Both are getting dressed.
GLORIA smokes.
DAVE drinks out of a flask, offers to GLORIA.

Chisholm’s out on Route 1 in Saugus should do nicely as a model for this scene’s location…

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